It’s Important to Prepare For Pregnancy!

by Laura Harper March 20, 2016

It’s Important to Prepare For Pregnancy!

It’s absolutely marvelous to acknowledge the fact that our life comes with so many phases that completely change the the way we’re accustomed to live our lives. It’s astounding how in one life we go through so many moments that are forever imprinted in our hearts and souls. One of those moments ins pregnancy and parenthood. 

The joy of becoming a parent is more than the joy any materialistic possession can ever make you feel. But as we all know with great happiness comes great responsibility and so we must do all the right preparations to ensure we bring a healthy and happy little angel into our lives.

If this is second (third or fourth or more...) time around, you already have in mind the precautions and safety measures that are to be taken during the most cherished period of your life. But if this is your first time, it can get overwhelming with all the information out there.

So what do you need to do to prepare for pregnancy? Worry not because here are some basic tips that’ll help you keep your sanity and peace (which you certainly will loose once little one arrives!) during this cherished period of your life..

  • Prepare your mind and body- It all starts with preparing your mind and body to take up on the challenge of motherhood. Make your own time line that includes regular exercise and a healthy diet that will keep you and the baby safe. Avoid fatty foods and intake more proteins and foods that can provide energy and remember to get plenty of rest (because you never will again!). 
  • Things to avoid- Even a small amount of alcohol and smoke can reduce your chances of conceiving if you’re in the start of preparation. Even after you’ve conceived, stay away from any medication unless you have the OK from your physician, stay clear of alcohol and quit smoking as it can increases the chances of a miscarriage.
  • Work as a team- Make sure you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to having kids, from when to start to how many and how to manage child care/careers after their arrival.
  • Live life stress-free- It might sound a bit of a challenge but you’ll enjoy every ounce of it. Don’t stress over not getting pregnant at the very first try, on average it can take anywhere from 6-12 months to conceive, so take this time to enjoy your life and your partner, because it will never be the same again. If you have a stressful job, it may be worth taking some stress management courses in order to keep your cool during the hard months and stay mentally healthy.
  • Have a dental check-up- During pregnancy, your gums might become loose and bleed. You might feel that oral care has got nothing to do with pregnancy but trust me each part of your body undergoes changes when you’re pregnant and you must be ready to welcome those changes and also keep them under control.

Now, relax and enjoy one of the most amazing moments in the life of a woman. If you have time, I recommend keeping a journal where you can describe how you feel, your dreams and love for your growing bundle. It may be a nice gift for your child once he/she is old enough to read.

Laura Harper
Laura Harper


Laura is a mom of two beautiful and smart girls. As a Marketing Executive turned stay at home mom she is well aware of the high demands of corporate life which she swears is nothing compared to the constant and strenuous labor of caring for kids, husband and home. Laura enjoys weekdays when the kids are at school and she can get through her shores and maybe a little bit of "me" time once in a while before the chaotic weekends with a house filled with dirty feet, dirty hands and hungry tummies.

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