Nature, Sunlight & Babies

by Laura Harper March 17, 2016

Nature, Sunlight & Babies

Do you know what is more beautiful than the early morning chirping of the birds, than the sweet melody of moving waters, than the warm rays of the sun during harsh winters or  the most beautiful scenery on Earth?

You probably guessed right! – Your child.

Your baby is a part of you and you must take care of your sweet little one while you’re out exploring the universe, exposing their delicate young eyes to the fierce sun and their tender skin to its harsh rays. During summer and early spring season, the weather is too harsh for a baby and you must know how to protect your little bundle of joy.

So, here are some pointers parents must keep in mind in order to protect their babies from the harsh climate-

  • Select the right clothes- Always keep in mind that the baby’s skin is extremely sensitive. Choose lightweight clothing preferably made from closely woven fabric- for instance, cotton. Make sure your baby wears light colors as darker shades tend to absorb more heat that might cause rashes to appear on your baby’s skin.
  • Do not use sunscreen creams or lotions- Avoid using sunscreen as much as possible, the chemicals in sunscreen are likely to cause an adverse reaction to their delicate skin. Ideally keep your baby covered from 10 am to 4 pm when the sun’s UV rays are at its peak.
  • Create your own shade- Whenever possible, sit in the shade and enjoy the weather. If you’re unable to find natural shade such as trees or awnings, create your own. A Car Seat & Stroller Canopy will cover and protect your baby from unfavorable climate. Blue Baby Bum's Canopies are ideal, their ability to work with any Car Seat, Car Seat Frame, Front & Rear Facing Strollers, as a Nursing Cover and Blanket will ensure all your outdoor needs are always covered.








  • Keep your baby hydrated- Give your little one plenty of liquids, whether it is breast milk, formula, water or diluted fruit juice, offer it frequently and make sure little one drinks it up.
  • Hat it up- Go on, get a nice swagger hat for your baby.  It will add a fashionable touch and protect the your precious bundle's face from direct sunlight.

Laura Harper
Laura Harper


Laura is a mom of two beautiful and smart girls. As a Marketing Executive turned stay at home mom she is well aware of the high demands of corporate life which she swears is nothing compared to the constant and strenuous labor of caring for kids, husband and home. Laura enjoys weekdays when the kids are at school and she can get through her shores and maybe a little bit of "me" time once in a while before the chaotic weekends with a house filled with dirty feet, dirty hands and hungry tummies.

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