Basic Essentials for New Babies

by Laura Harper March 14, 2016

Basic Essentials for New Babies

Our lives are totally dependent on three major necessities-food, shelter, and clothing. We humans have endless needs and requirements and would not settle for anything but the best of foods, brand name clothes, well-furnished home to spend our life in and many more material goods to follow.

But, all these needs and essentials undergo a drastic shift when one becomes a parent. Now, there’s no you, there’s just your baby who becomes the center of attention. All the way from your closet to your fridge, everything is going to go through a makeover once you bring a baby home.

You will get lots of advice from friends and family telling you that you need this and that, the latest phone app for keeping track of feedings, that super cool baby swing it's been in the latest fashion magazines and more. And though some of this items may have indeed been a lifesaver for other parents, we often hear moms says "I wish I knew what I know now that baby is older, I didn't use half of the stuff I bough for baby".

So, worry not; here we'll give you a list of the basic essentials that you, as a new parent, must have handy to pamper your child with care n ease.

  • Lots of clothing- First things first. Buy at least six infant onesies, a dozen socks and two- three bibs and baby caps. All these essentials will keep your baby clothed and covered up at any time. And don't forget stretchy sleepers that will cover your baby from neck to toe, they are ideal for sleeping or cooler days.
  • Diapers & Wipes- Whether you choose to go Eco-friendly with cloth (which I personally recommend), opt for classic disposable or some combination of both, make sure you always have lots of them ready, keep a small stock in your car and diaper bag. You never know when you might need them.
  • Feeding- Even if you plan to breastfeed exclusively, it is always a good idea to have a couple of bottles on hand. You may want to take a night off and delegate responsibilities to your partner or a family member or maybe you want to go out to dinner and a movie without having to worry about being back just in time to feed your little one. A pump, milk storage bags and nipple soothing accessories are also a great idea. And if you plan to bottle feed, you will need at least three to six bottles to get you through your day without having to wash after every single feeding.
  • Health, Grooming & Bath- You will need a soft baby towel, baby bathtub or similar, gentle baby shampoo and body wash. A thermometer, bulb syringe and baby nail clipper.
  • Baby BlanketsBaby blankets-You must have at least four to six soft and warm blankets to wrap your baby. Blankets are often collateral damage from spit ups, blow ups, throw ups and everything in between, so make sure you always enough of them clean and ready to replace as necessary.
  • Crib and crib accessories- Purchase a cute safe crib for your little one and furnish it with a firm mattress and soft and tight fitting sheets.
  • Baby toys- You must have a set of soft, age appropriate toys for your baby to keep him/her entertained and stimulate developing senses.
  • Car Seat, Stroller and Carrier- In this modern era a Car Seat is no longer an option, you will not be able to take baby home without it. Look for a stroller that fits your needs. Jogging strollers have become extremely popular but keep in mind that they tend to be heavier than regular strollers, so if you do not plan on jogging or going "off-road" with baby, stick to a compact, lightweight city stroller. Some moms swear by infant carriers, others barely use them. I suggest analyzing the scenarios where you think you will use it and consider your size, your baby's size and weight and your ability and willingness to carry him/her on your back for extended periods of time.
  • Essential medicines- Some parents prefer to hold off on any medication until child is at least two years old, other parents have a fully stock infant medicine cabinet. Some pediatricians recommend baby Tylenol as early as 3 months as an option in case of a fever reaction to vaccines. Talk to your pediatrician and find out what his/her recommendation is and then decide which option is best for you and your family.

These are the very basic items you will need soon after baby's arrival. Based on my experience I suggest buying items that are multipurpose and can grow with your child, it will help you save time, money and effort. If you are planning to have more than one child it may be worth investing a little extra on high quality items that you can use with all future children and whenever possible buy items that can be used for both boy or girl, you never know what you'll have next!

Laura Harper
Laura Harper


Laura is a mom of two beautiful and smart girls. As a Marketing Executive turned stay at home mom she is well aware of the high demands of corporate life which she swears is nothing compared to the constant and strenuous labor of caring for kids, husband and home. Laura enjoys weekdays when the kids are at school and she can get through her shores and maybe a little bit of "me" time once in a while before the chaotic weekends with a house filled with dirty feet, dirty hands and hungry tummies.

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