How to Rock the Mommy Style

by Laura Harper April 25, 2016

How to Rock the Mommy Style

Moms around the world seem to struggle with the same problem: Not enough time to get everything done and stay fashionable. Yes!, most of us women after becoming pregnant lose our sense of style, first because of the awkward growing bump in our mid-section and later maybe because we just become lazy towards ourselves. It’s not easy being pregnant or a mom; there just isn’t enough time for us, housework, kids and husbands. I agree. But hey! You can’t just let yourself go.

Being a mom does not mean you have to wear your yoga or sweatpants every day, pull up your hair in a bun and wear the same boyfriend t-shirt all week long. In this world where fashion creeks through every knob, why is the odd one out? I’m not saying you have to look like a top model, but somewhere in between there has to be room for us; the “average” mom.

 There have been many mom bloggers on the internet flaunting their fashionable styles even with their kids. You probably have also seen that one mom at the playground or mall that looks like she just stepped out of a red carpet while you wonder “How the heck does she do it?”.

Perhaps having kids is just an excuse to convince ourselves that being a mom makes you stay out of fashion but, let’s face it, we’ve all been there at least once, looking good is hard work I get it. But we owe it to ourselves to make an extra effort and be a little selfish even for just thirty minutes a day to take a shower, wear those tops we’ve been saving for a “special day” since before we got pregnant, cover the evidence of our sleepless nights with concealer and add some rose to our cheeks.

What are you waiting for? Make an effort today! I’ll tell you how to revamp your look into a Fashionista mom.

1. Some moms complain about putting on weight after having kids. So, first things first, forget how heavy or thin you are. Your figure does not define your style. Once you’ve over the whole weight issue start smiling more often. The more you frown the older you’ll look.

2. Now when you’re done with creating a gorgeous face, it’s time to change your look. It’s time to get a little out of your comfort zone. Being a girl was never easy, don’t you remember wearing those high heels or that short dress you were very uncomfortable in but you wore just because you looked ravishing? I’m not telling you to start doing that again, but go for the basics. Get out of those baggy mommy jeans or yoga pants and wear something pretty. Try some skinny jeans or a summer maxi dress and dress them up with some wedges or fancy flats.

3. Always remember to take a pair of your sunglasses with you. Wearing sunglasses when you’re out makes you automatically look more extravagant. Try a messy bun with it. Not too messy that shows “I’m a mom and I didn’t’ get time to do my hair” but a messy like “I love messy buns and despite having a child I worked it well with my hair”.

4. Always flaunt your look. One thing you need to remember, you need to stay confident no matter what. Stand straight and don’t arch your back, smile and always walk like the man of your dreams is walking right behind you. If anyone tells you that the jeans you’re wearing are out of fashion (which you probably won’t know with the children you have). Don’t let yourself get down there. Say that you don’t follow fashion, you make a fashion. Stay positive and always stay confident.

5. Going to a party with your family or friends, always remember you have to wear the most stunning dress you have. Do not worry about how you’ll manage it with your kid. Sometimes you need your husband to manage some things for you. When you have to look pretty you just have to.

6. Don’t let being a mom oppress you. Showing off a little skin while being a mom, is not a crime when done tastefully. Highlight your bets assets and let the other moms be jealous. What could be better than being a mom? Being a fashionable mom.

7. You may need to get some inspiration to do all the above mentioned things. Start following mom bloggers and celebrities with kids. I have seen so many living out the fashion world so perfectly even after being moms.

One of my biggest inspirations in the celebrity world is Angelina Jolie. She is an inspiration as a mother and one of the most fashionable ladies in Hollywood. She has been seen with her children flaunting her glamorous looks many times.

Or Jessica Alba, she has totally rocked the casual, yet glamorous looks even more so after becoming a mom.

And what could I say about Kate, shes royalty!

If these people can have kids yet be fashionable then so can you. It’s not that hard to make yourself look pretty. You’ve been doing it since you were a little child. Since you were young you were given little makeup kits and little dresses. But if you think you have lost your charm now that you are a mom, then girl you’re going in the wrong direction. You still have it in you. You just have to get into those heels and wear that gorgeous dress of yours and flaunt your lifestyle as the prettiest mom ever. Because to yourself, your partner and your children, you are the most beautiful mom ever, you just have to let the rest of the world see it.

Laura Harper
Laura Harper


Laura is a mom of two beautiful and smart girls. As a Marketing Executive turned stay at home mom she is well aware of the high demands of corporate life which she swears is nothing compared to the constant and strenuous labor of caring for kids, husband and home. Laura enjoys weekdays when the kids are at school and she can get through her shores and maybe a little bit of "me" time once in a while before the chaotic weekends with a house filled with dirty feet, dirty hands and hungry tummies.

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