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by Mayte Landeros April 27, 2016

You might've seen my name as the Founder and CEO of Blue Baby Bum, and you may be wondering who I am. I'm the proud mother of a very active toddler boy, married to a wonderful husband, and a dedicated entrepreneur. I wanted to reach out to all of you who have supported us over these past few years, thank you for your support and let you know a little bit more about me.

As an entrepreneur, I have always believed that who you are becomes a key part of your business. After all, a new company is like a baby -- you carry it around in your head for many months, nurture it every day with passion and dedication despite countless sleepless nights, and hope that one day it grows into an independent, strong and mature enterprise. This is even more the case when you start a baby business as a new parent and you inevitably imprint your personality and love.

I decided to create this space where you can get to know the heart behind this incredible venture I call Blue Baby Bum. So who am I? My close friends would probably describe me as a straightforward and very direct kind of woman who is not afraid to speak her mind (even when I’ve gotten in trouble by doing so many times), but additionally very loyal, genuine, adventurous, hardworking, and independent.

My best quality? I hope it would be selflessness and empathy. I like to always put myself in the shoes of the other person. If you need help, I will do what I can. I try to always make people around me happy. I often have a warm smile on my face because I believe a smile can always make someone else's day brighter.

My worst quality? Oh my...I have quite a few, but I guess being a little too obsessive about organization. I can’t stand a mess. And stubbornness. This one can be good or bad depending on the situation, but when I get an idea in my head, nothing can make me change it.

My biggest dream? To have a world where all humans, animals and nature can exist in peace, where no child ever suffers hunger, violence or hardship of any kind, they have access to quality education and healthcare and we all work together towards each others happiness not just our own. (Did I forget to say I was a big dreamer?)

Mayte Landeros
Mayte Landeros


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