The Start of It All

by Mayte Landeros May 18, 2016

The Start of It All


April 2007

If I wanted to trace the beginning of Blue Baby Bum, I guess I’d have to go back to one evening in early January 2007.

My best friend’s friend whom I had recently recommended for a position at the company I worked for had been asking me out to coffee as a thank you gesture, I managed to evade her for several weeks but that day, she just wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Within seconds of arrival at a charming historical downtown coffee shop, two tourists walked in. Their inability to speak the local language was obvious and in an effort to be hospitable I invited them over to our table. Soon, I was completely immersed in the adventure tales of one of them: He had traveled all over Europe, Egypt, sailed the Nile River, climbed mountains and more, we talked until the lights of the coffee shop went off. (Yes, they turned the lights off on us!)

Just a couple days later, that same tourist sent his friend back home alone; he decided to stay in town a few more days to get to know me better. He surprised me in every way I could have ever dreamed to be surprised; he did a lot of the cliché romantic movie things all of us women dream about and just eight months after that encounter and countless hours behind the phone I did what everyone I knew could only describe as “crazy”. I quit my job as Chief of Marketing for the second largest automotive dealer in the region, gave away my dog and most of my possessions, sold my car and left everything I had ever known for that tourist.

I landed at LAX with a small suitcase full of clothes and shoes and much larger one filled with dreams and hopes (I bet you are finally starting to believe I am a dreamer). One Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s later he proposed at the top of the Eiffel tower (Don’t get too excited, it was the Las Vegas replica) and within hours, we walked into the famous Little White Wedding Chapel and tied the knot (I did also say we were both pretty adventurous didn’t I?). A formal wedding in my home town followed, then several camping outings, a trip to Italy, countless seasons of re-run Star Trek and a lifetime worth of American classic movies.

One day, while sitting on the couch the tourist turned husband asked “When are we having kids?” “Whenever you want” I replied , and just a couple weeks later, we were pregnant!

After 41 weeks, 22 hours of labor and a C-section, our son was born; it was the best, most amazing day of my life.

All of the above may sound like a great adventure and it truly was. I certainly wouldn’t change a thing about it.  But, at a professional level I struggled to find a job similar to what I once had. I started from the bottom; McDonalds, Retail, Office Admin and more. However, after having a baby and having always known I would want to be a stay at home mom at least for the first couple years of my son’s life, I took it upon myself to create a business for parents by parents where I could fulfill my professional goals and my personal dream to help others. The road hasn’t been easy, trying to be a wife, mom and entrepreneur can be extenuating at times (And by “at times” I actually mean always) but I love what I do and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my life.

Mayte Landeros
Mayte Landeros


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