5 Baby Hacks New Moms Should Know

by Elizabeth Peters May 16, 2016

5 Baby Hacks New Moms Should Know

As soon as they find out they are going to be parents, many women begin gobbling up every baby and parenting book they can get their hands on – only to soon realize that much of the advice offered by the “experts” in those books doesn’t always pan out when applied in real life. The next time you find yourself at your wits end and wondering if there is any way to get the results you want, consult this list of hacks by real-life experts – fellow moms who have been there and found solutions that actually work.

Give Medicine or Gripe Water With Ease By Using a Pacifier

Giving a baby foul tasting medicine or gripe water with a dropper can be a pain – many babies will squirm or spit the medicine out. To get her to swallow the medicine with ease use a needle to poke a hole in a pacifier, place the dropper of medicine through the pacifier, and administer the medicine through the pacifier. This works exceptionally well with the pacifier you bring home from the hospital, so be sure to save it. You can also buy pacifiers specially designed for dispensing medicine, but the one you have at home can work just as well. Passing the medicine through the pacifier will have your baby happily sucking down the medicine before she even realizes what is happening.

Pull Onesies Down Over the Shoulders Instead of Over the Head

This is a common mistake made by first time parents, and rightly so as most shirts are removed over the head. But removing a onesie over the head of a baby who has just had a massive poopy diaper can lead to one spectacular mess. There are onesies that come with two snap buttons on one shoulder that can be undone in order to make it easier to remove by pulling it down around the shoulders.

Freeze a Washcloth With Applesauce For Teething Babies

Women usually receive quite a few teething rings as baby gifts, but many quickly learn that their baby wants nothing to do with them. Teething can be stressful for both baby and parents, but if your baby won’t take a teething ring there is a solution – a frozen washcloth with applesauce for added flavor. Simply spread some applesauce in the middle of a soft baby washcloth, roll it up, and put it in the freezer for a few hours. Then give the frozen cloth to your baby for her to happily suck on for hours.

Sprinkles Make Everything Taste Better

Once our little bundle of joys start eating finger foods they suddenly become the Pickiest. Eaters. Ever. When you find yourself becoming worried that your little angel may actually starve to death, just remember this hack – everything tastes better with sprinkles. Whether it be tomatoes or chicken, decorate it with a few colorful sprinkles and it will suddenly become the most interesting food in the world. This trick works through the preschool years, so keep sprinkles on hand. You can use store bought sprinkles or make your own organic version.

Use Glad Forceflex Bags In Place of Expensive Diaper Genie Refills

Diaper Genie’s have become the norm for household diaper disposal, but the cost can really add up with the expensive refill bags sold by Diaper Genie. The solution? Glad Forceflex bags – not only do they fit just as well but they hold more diapers and come with Febreeze odor prevention, which really helps with that ripe smell that most Diaper Genies seem to develop. A 68 bag box of Glad Forceflex costs around $12 compared to $17 for the same amount of Diaper Genie refills, and the Glad Forceflex bags can hold more diapers so they will need to be changed less often. The trick to doing this easily is to pull the Glad bag through the middle of your last empty Diaper Genie refill cartridge, pull the red handles through two of the tabs on the side, and then place the cartridge in the Diaper Genie and pull the bag through like you normally would. Doing this will help you enjoy big savings and a better smelling Diaper Genie!

Elizabeth Peters
Elizabeth Peters


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