4 Fun and Easy Math Games to Play With Your Kids

by Elizabeth Peters September 05, 2016

4 Fun and Easy Math Games to Play With Your Kids

Math is present everywhere in the world around us, and believe it or not, math can be fun. Try playing these simple and fun games with your kids to help get them enthusiastic about math.

Guess the Number

Ask your child to think of a number within a certain range and then ask him math related questions in order for you to narrow down which number he has chosen. Example questions would be:

Is the number greater than or less than 50?
Is the number even or odd?
Is the number divisible by 3?

Once you have guessed the number, switch places and allow your child to guess a number you have chosen using the same method. Provide your child with a scratch piece of paper and pencil to work out the solution and let the math learning fun begin!

Gather objects from around the house and use paper and tape to put “prices” on them. Have your child play the cashier and you be the customer who purchases the items. Have her ring you up on a calculator and write the total down for your receipt. You can also “pay” her with too much money and have her calculate your change. A way to incorporate more math skills into this game is by marking some items discounted (25% off, 50% off, etc.) and having her to figure out the discounted price.

Counting Jars
Gather ten plastic jars or containers and label the top of each jar with the numbers 1- 10. Fill each container with the corresponding number of small objects. For example, you could place three marbles in the container labeled with a three or six buttons in the container labeled with a six. Show your child the number on top of each jar and have him count the items in the jar. As young children’s counting ability progresses you can tip the items of two or three jars onto a table and mix them all together. Then have your child place the objects back into the appropriately labeled jar. This is a fun game for young children who are just learning how to count and recognize their numbers.

Gather fifty to fifteen beads (the more beads you have the longer the game will last), a pair of dice, and a paper and pencil to keep score with. Place the beads in a pile and have the first player roll the dice. The player will divide the beads by the number he rolls on the dice. He then gets to keep any leftovers. For example, if you are playing with thirty beads and the first player rolls a seven, he should divide the beads into four groups of seven with two beads left over. He would then keep the two beads that are left over and put the remaining twenty-eight beads back into a pile to be divided by the next player. Play continues this way until a player rolls a number larger than the number of beads remaining with the winner being the player who has collected the most beads.

Elizabeth Peters
Elizabeth Peters


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