6 Best Apps for New Moms

by Elizabeth Peters October 10, 2016

6 Best Apps for New Moms

Becoming a parent can be some of the most energizing and unnerving moments of your life. An immense life change, being a parent certainly keeps you on your toes. With parenthood comes many new responsibilities and life can tend to become hectic.

Juggling a growing family, managing a household, finding time for your spouse, and building a career can certainly feel overwhelming, but luckily for us there are a multitude of apps available to help new moms stay on track.

Top Apps for New Moms

  • Baby Connect: Especially when your child is an infant, you're going to stress over a considerable number of things. Baby Connect gives you a place to effectively store data about important things, such as how consistently your infant is developing, how regularly they're feeding, how regular their rests are, and when their medicines were last given. You can share the information with others as well, making it perfect in the event that you have different caregivers.
  • My Baby Today: Offering a customized manual for your infant's first year, alongside a lot of agendas to perceive how they're advancing, My Baby Today is a decent all-round application. A rest guide offers advice, while a feeding area helps you track portions for breastfeeding and formula. A Q&A area answers any of your worries as well.
  • The Bump: Intended for babies and expectant mothers, The Bump offers plenty of ongoing child parenting advice, alongside master articles and an active group. Week-by-week agendas guarantee that you're in control and you can without monitor photographs of your bump and precious baby.
  • Baby Bundle: Offering a tad bit of everything, Baby Bundle makes it simple to screen your infant's day by day exercises, track their development, and also make up for lost time with well-being data and keep track of vaccinations. There is even an intelligent gathering and parenting guide accessible for advice.
  • Cozi Family Organizer: Cozi Family Organizer is there to arrange your life, which is doubtlessly more rushed than before the baby tagged along. With an emphasis on families, you can without much hassle monitor everybody's schedules, remember to purchase all the right goods, and even monitor family photos. With Cozi Family Organizer you may yet remain focused on running the house while taking care of your little one.
  • Eat Sleep: Concentrating on following your infant's eating, resting, and diaper changes, Eat Sleep makes it simple to know to what extent your infant is breastfed for, how often diaper changes are made and how efficient they are. The app also keeps track of how many hours of sleep your little one is getting each day. It's these easily overlooked details that guarantee you can keep a routine going.

All in all, becoming a mom for the first time can be challenging both physically and mentally. Being responsible for a new life can feel overwhelming at first, which is why it is important for new parents to enlist the help of friends and relatives, at least in the beginning.

With the help of loves ones and these top motherhood apps, you are sure to get into the swing of things in no time.

Elizabeth Peters
Elizabeth Peters


Elizabeth Peters is a mother of two and freelance writer who specializes in the parenting/family niche. When she is not writing for clients she can be found blogging about parenting on her own blog at TheMommyVortex.com. She currently resides in Alabama with her husband and two young children. Connect with her on Twitter: @themommyvortex

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