7 Activities to Encourage Your Child’s Creativity

by Elizabeth Peters November 21, 2016

7 Activities to Encourage Your Child’s Creativity

There is nothing more marvelous than a young child’s imagination. We all want to spark creativity within our kids and these fun family activities are a great way to do just that.

Create a Superhero

Ask your child what kind of superhero he would most like to be. Encourage him to come up with a name for the superhero and then use old clothes to create a costume for him. You can also work together to write a backstory for the superhero, or really tap into your child’s creativity and draw a comic book of adventures featuring his superhero.

Start a Family Book Club

Encourage your family to become members of your own book club by having a different family member pick out a book for the family to read together each week. After you read the book, each family member should ask the others a question about the book, such as “Who was the main character?” or “What problems did the main character have to overcome?” Not only is this fun and engaging for your child, but it encourages family bonding time as well.

Launch a Family Blog

You can make it a private blog that only people who are invited can see, but start a blog and involve the whole family in building it. Brainstorm with your children about which pictures to use and what topics to write about, and then let them write or dictate the posts. Make it a true family effort and enjoy revisiting the memories you are posting on your blog together.

Make a Family Comic Strip

Encourage your children to create a comic strip starring your family. Let them write a funny story about how Dad always gets lost and won’t ask for directions and then draw the pictures to go with it. The kids will enjoy tapping into their creativity and you will get a cute keepsake.

Hold a Debate

Does your son want to watch SpongeBob while your daughter insists that they should watch Monster High? Stage a debate where both children get to argue their reason why the family should watch the show that they have chosen. Give them time to think their argument through and then let them each present their case to the family.

Have Comedy Night

Pick a night of the week to be family comedy night and have one member of the family do a stand-up routine. A night of laughter is a great way to have some family fun.

Have Family Story Night

Hold family story night where one member of the family starts a storyline and then the next family member adds to the story, and the next, and the next, etc. until you have one silly and zany story, courtesy of your family! The more outrageous the plot becomes, the more fun you will have. You can even have one family member write the story down as it is told so that you have it as a family keepsake.

Elizabeth Peters
Elizabeth Peters


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