9 Things to Pack in a Diaper Bag You May Not Have Thought Of

by Elizabeth Peters November 28, 2016

9 Things to Pack in a Diaper Bag You May Not Have Thought Of

Many new moms set off on their first baby out of home excursion with a diaper bag loaded with diapers, wipes, bottles, diaper rash cream … and not much else. While these are the obvious essentials, many women soon learn that being out and about with a baby can be a pretty trying experience at times, and even more so when they realize that they are not as prepared as they thought they were. To help you be prepared for whatever life (or baby!) may throw your way, here are nine essentials you should pack in your diaper bag that you may not have thought of before.

  • Pacifiers in a plastic container. When your baby is having a serious meltdown in the middle of grocery aisle number three and you are frantically digging through the diaper bag trying to find the pacifier that you know is in there somewhere, it can be one of the most stressful feelings ever. To be better prepared, and be able to find that all important pacifier quickly, keep pacifiers in a small plastic container – such as a small Tupperware container. Keep at least three in the container so you always have a backup if baby decides to play the “throw the pacifier” game when you aren’t looking. 
  • Nonperishable snacks. This isn’t just for baby, but for you too! Keep some granola bars, trail mix, etc. in your diaper bag so you always have a quick snack available when you’re on the go. When baby is old enough for finger foods keep a container of cheerios or Puffs on hand for him as well. 
  • Many new moms don’t think about packing sunscreen in the diaper bag, but you never know when an impromptu trip to the park may come up and if you keep a bottle in your bag then you won’t have to try to remember to grab it at the times you know will need it. 
  • Mommy “emergency” kit. Keep a plastic container stocked with items that you may need from time to time but won’t always remember to bring with you, such as Band-Aids, a nail file, breath mints, hand sanitizer, pain reliever, etc. That way you will be prepared for every situation. 
  • Large Ziploc bag. Keep a couple of gallon size Ziploc bags or plastic bags in your diaper bag to store dirty diapers or soiled clothes so they don’t contaminate the rest of the items in the bag. 
  • Small spray bottle of water. Babies are messy, so be prepared by keeping a small spray bottle of water in your diaper bag along with a soft washcloth to help you clean up any sticky messes that you may encounter. This comes in especially useful for trips to restaurants once your little one begins eating table food. 
  • Change of clothes. Many new moms don’t think about packing a change of clothes for baby in the diaper bag, but trust me – you will need them! Babies tend to require several wardrobe changes throughout the day so be sure to always keep a change of clothes nearby! 
  • Many moms don’t think of keeping a thermometer in their diaper bag until the day that they find themselves needing one. Illness in babies can come on fast and you never know when you may find yourself out and about and beginning to fret that your baby may be running a fever. Keep a thermometer in the diaper bag so you will never have to guess. 
  • Vaseline has many uses when it comes to babies. It works extremely well as a diaper rash cream and can also be used to soften dry skin and protect against skin irritation due to runny nose. Keep a jar of Vaseline in your diaper bag so you never find yourself without it when you need it. 

Elizabeth Peters
Elizabeth Peters


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