New Baby Essentials – Everything You Need For Your New Baby

by Elizabeth Peters June 27, 2016

New Baby Essentials – Everything You Need For Your New Baby

When you are expecting a baby, thinking about everything you will need can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’ve got your covered. From a crib and changing table to towels and bibs, here is a list of essentials that new parents should plan on having for their new baby’s arrival.


Here is a list of furniture you will need for your little one. For safety information on picking out a crib and mattress, visit

Crib and mattress



Changing table and pad (or dresser top changing pad)

High chair

Diaper bag

Baby Gear

Babies require a lot of gear, some of which new parents may not think of. Here is a list of gear you will need for your little one.

Baby monitor

Baby sling or carrier

Infant bathtub

Bouncy seat or baby swing

Baby clothes hangers

Diaper pail and liners

Infant car seat


Baby gates

Outlet covers

Cabinet baby safety latches

Night light for nursery

4 – 6 pacifiers, if using


What you need for feeding can be different depending on whether you are planning to breastfeed or bottle feed. For breastfeeding no equipment is necessarily required by many breastfeeding parents prefer to have a few things on hand.

For breastfeeding:


Burp cloths

Breast pump

Storage containers for milk

Nursing pillow

Nursing bras

Breast pads

Lotion for dry or cracked nipples

For formula feeding:


Burp cloths

8 four ounce bottles

6 eight ounce bottles

Bottle and nipple brush


Bottle warmer


There is much more needed for changing diapers than just a diaper and wipes. Here are some diapering essentials you want to be sure to keep on hand.

Cloth or disposable diapers – at least 60

Waterproof diaper covers

Portable changing pad

Diaper rash cream



Bath time can be a great bonding time for baby and parent. In addition to an infant tub, here are the essential toiletries you will need to keep on hand.

10 baby soft washcloths

Baby soap and shampoo

3 soft hooded baby towels

Soft bristled baby hair brush and comb

Baby nail clippers or scissors

Bulb syringe for suctioning

Baby thermometer

Dropper or medicine spoon

Baby fever reducer

Baby powder

Cotton swabs

Baby first aid kit


In addition to wash cloths and bath towels, here are other linens you will need to stock up on.

2 – 4 basinet sheets

4 fitted crib sheets

2 – 3 changing pad covers

8 receiving blankets

3 large cotton blankets


Knowing which clothing to have on hand can be hard to determine. Keep in mind that babies grow fast so you don’t want to overdo it on the newborn clothes. Here is what you should strive to have on hand for baby’s arrival.

Bunting or snowsuit (if you live in cold climate)

2 – 4 newborn hats

1 – 2 jackets

No scratch mittens

9 – 12 pairs of socks or booties

3 – 5 pairs of pants

4 – 6 onesies

4 – 6 sleepers

2 – 4 sweaters

4 – 6 t-shirts

Elizabeth Peters
Elizabeth Peters


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