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Staying fit during pregnancy may sound difficult to many pregnant women, but the fact is that as you do basic exercises like walking, swimming or even lifting weights, you improve your chances of experiencing a hassle free delivery. However, the activities to stay fit while you are pregnant are not just limited to exercises. It involves all the other facets of staying fit like a having a healthy diet and maintaining the right composure of mind, among others.

Benefits of Staying Fit During Pregnancy

Looking at the many benefits that can be enjoyed by staying fit during pregnancy, it is no surprise that doctors recommend regular exercise for pregnant women. Some of the major benefits of staying fit while you are pregnant include:

  • It helps you maintain your weight. It is obvious that during pregnancy women will gain weight and that is normal. However, there is a difference between gaining normal pregnancy weight and excessive weight. You can avoid excessive weight gain and get back to your pre-pregnancy weight easier by means of exercises and keeping fit.
  • When done in the proper manner under medical supervision, exercises can help the expecting mother sleep much better. It helps you get rid of a number of pregnancy complications, sleep deprivation being one of them.
  • Regular exercise can reduce back pain and soreness which are very common ailments observed by many women during pregnancy.
  • Staying fit during pregnancy can help reduce delivery complications. Many studies have shown that women who stay fit during their pregnancy undergo shorter labors and face lower instances of complications during labor.
  • A main benefit of staying fit during pregnancy is that getting back to your original weight, shape and contour after the delivery becomes easier.

How to Stay Fit During Pregnancy

Now that you are aware of the various benefits of staying fit during pregnancy, let’s go over some tips on how to do it safely. Keep in mind that staying fit during pregnancy is a combination of physical fitness along with mental and psychological fitness. To be physically fit during pregnancy you should:

  • Walk as much as you can without getting yourself exhausted. Walking is a nice way to stay in shape even while being pregnant.
  • Eat the right diet. Avoid processed foods, dairy products and sugary products as they will add unnecessary fat to your diet.
  • Try to eat as many leafy vegetables as possible.
  • Spend some time exercising daily. Consult with your doctor on which exercises are best for you.

To be mentally fit during pregnancy, try to engage yourself in various stress reducing activities. You can read books, spend time knitting or whatever activity helps you relax and vent out your emotions so that you have a good emotional balance. Prenatal mood disorders are very common among expecting mothers. You may want to seek medical support if you find that staying mentally fit is becoming a challenge or find yourself becoming depressed.

Elizabeth Peters
Elizabeth Peters


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