Crinkle Toy Activity Guide

From the moment your little one comes out of the womb, she becomes like a little sponge taking in and absorbing everything there is around her. Although her hearing is almost as good as that of an adult by the end of her first month, her vision and motor skills take a little longer to develop.

Really young infants can only detect high contrast colors, especially; black, white and red. And is not until they are about four to five months that they can see colors clearly. But it is through early stimulation that you can help your precious little one’s brain make important connections that will help her reach her milestones a little easier.

Our baby crinkle toy has been especially designed to aid in the development of these skills while keeping little one engaged and providing her hours of entertainment and laughter. Please keep in mind that nothing can replace your tender voice, loving care, soft touch and a daily dose of story time.

THE FOLLOWING ARE SOME ACTIVITIES YOU CAN DO WITH YOUR BABY AND OUR BABY CRINKLE TOY-CLOTH ANYTIME, ENYWHERE. (Please double check with your pediatrician to ensure your little one is ready for these activities)


0 to 3 Months

During your little one’s quiet alert time, hold the crinkle toy with the black and white side facing her about 8 to 12 inches from her face and make a little noise to get her attention. Let her look at it for a few seconds and then make it sound again when she is starting to lose interest. You can try this as often and for as long as she is willing to play.

As your little bundle of joy gains more interest in the toy, while holding the toy in front of her, try moving the toy slowly from side to side (left to right and right to left). Use the crinkle sound to entice baby to follow they toy. It may take a few tries before she is able to track the toy, but keep trying, she will get there sooner than you think.
Try doing the same exercise but now up (towards her forehead) and down (towards her neck), this skill takes a little longer but keep trying.

At around two months you can try alternating from black and white to the color of the crinkle toy while you perform the activities described above, as now little one can start to notice some colors, especially bright primary colors. If you have more than one crinkle toy you can alternate for further stimulation. And feel free to use some drawings, pictures and baby safe objects that may be available at home.

As she gains strength and begins to try and lift her head during tummy time, you can encourage her by holding the Crinkle Toy in front of her, getting her attention with the crinkle sound and then slowly moving the toy upward to try and get her to lift and hold her head.

By the third month your little one can probably hold The Crinkle Toy even if just for a few seconds, let her play with it and discover that she can make it crinkle!


4 to 5 Months

By now your little one can probably track an object with easy across the room and up and down and is even starting to reach for things as she is learning the concepts of depth and distance.
Place the crinkle toy in front of her, make it crinkle and get her to track the toy in different directions. Then hold the toy within her grabbing distance and let her reach for it, encourage her to grab it and play with it for a little bit.
You can play this game over and over every time your little one drops the Crinkle toy for as long as she is willing to play. You can also try doing the same with some of her other toys and available baby safe items.

Hold the Crinkle toy where little one can’t immediately see it, then make it crinkle and let her move her eyes and head in all directions to try and find it. Make the toy crinkle every time she is going in the wrong direction and phrase her when she finds it by letting her grab it and play with it.

As little one gains more neck and back strength and better control of her head movements during tummy time, hold the toy in front of her and get her attention, then make her track the toy sideways by slowly moving it upwards and to the opposite side to encourage her to roll over to her back. This may take several tries. But don’t give up.
If she is able to track the toy fine and is half way rolled over but the only thing stopping her from rolling over completely is her leg, try helping by lifting her leg and encourage her to go all the way.
Once she rolls on to her back do the same to encourage her to roll back onto her tummy.

Just as in the Belly’s up game, try getting baby to roll over now from back to tummy by tracking the Crinkle Toy.

Hold the Crinkle Toy in front of little one and encourage her to reach for it, as she is reaching for it, slowly move it from one side to the other, closer and further away from her before letting her grab it. This helps improve her hand/eye coordination.
You can even play a gentle game of tug war to help strengthen your little ones grasping ability.

6 to 12 Months

As little one starts to show signs of wanting to stand on her hands and knees and maybe push forward, try placing the crinkle toy in front of her just a couple inches out of reach, make it crinkle and encourage her to reach for the toy. There is a good chance she might figure out how to creep before she starts crawling.
If you have some help, try this same activity while someone helps her into a crawling position and let’s see if she makes a move. And remember; by now, your little one is one skilled little grabber, so make sure there isn’t anything around your home she should not be getting her hands on.

As little one does her one hundredth reconnaissance tour of the house from her crawling angle and begins to look for new horizons, try placing the Crinkle Toy out of her reach on a table top or the couch sitting area, make it crinkle and entice her to go after it, watch her brain at work trying to figure out where to hold on to and how to pull herself up to reach for the toy.
Once she can stand with easy holding on to the couch sitting cushions or a table top, move the toy an inch out of reach to the sides and let little one figure out how to take her first little cruising steps to reach for it. Increase the distance as she becomes more skilled and confident.

12+ Months

By now, this Crinkle Toy is probably your little one’s favorite toy. And now that she can see, hear, trace, reach, grab, crawl and maybe even walk. You can still use it to teach her even more new things. Call out the colors present on the toy and repeat them while pointing out to the right color, show her other items in your surroundings that have the same colors. Teach her the animal name on the crinkle toy print.

And remember to always have your crinkle toy handy. Whether you are driving around, having dinner at a restaurant or getting your make up on; give little one plenty of time to play with the crinkle toy and explore the colors and sounds it makes. Watch her laugh every time she makes it crinkle!